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Perlov.YakovPerlow Yakov of Novominsk (1847 – 23 Adar 1902) – son of R. Shimon of Zawichost, who died at the age of forthy three. He was brought up in the home of his grandfather R. Shlomoh Khayim of Koidanv [pol. Kojdanów]. In 1865 he married Khavah Khayah Perl, the daughter of R. Yudah Leybush Liberson of Proskurov [pol. Proskurów]. In 1865 he became rabbi of Starosselje [pol. Starosiele], near Kishinev.

After he had been married for fifteen years, with the marriage having produced a daughter, Gitl, and no sons, he consulted R. Yitskhak of Neshkhiz [pol. Niesuchojeże]. „Change your place of residence”, advised the sage. „Settle in Poland and there you will have sons.” Accordingly, R. Yakov settled in Novominsk [pol. Mińsk Mazowiecki] in 1873, and two years later his wife gave brith to twins: a boy, Alter Israel Shimon, and a girl, Reyzl.

With the help of a wealthy hasid, Shlomoh Folman, he established the first hasidic yeshivah in Poland, in 1896. He was renowned for his erudition and his melodious rendering of the services. R. A.I. Kook described him as „unique in his generation”.

He was succeeded by his son R. Alter Yisrael Shimon. His grandson R. Nakhum Perlow of New York published his discourses, Shufra deYakov (Jerusalem, 1964). His other sons were R. Yehudah Aryeh of Brooklyn and R. Shlomoh Khayim of Bolechov [pol. Bolechów]. His daughter Reyzl married R. Mosheh Mordekhai Heschel, and his other daughter, Gitl, married R. David Mosheh of Koidanov.

The Encyclopedia of Hasidim, London 1996, p. 364.



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